Thursday, 2 September 2010

Epic Mission Arc Part 2: Kritsan Parthus

Mission 47 of the Epic Mission Arc is called ‘Chasing Shadows’. In the walkthrough that I was following it mentioned that this was a particularly difficult mission, but missions so far had been mainly taxing my ability to stay awake rather than my ability to complete them. I felt confident that with a little effort I would be fine. I was a little worried as the walkthrough listed a Battlecruiser as one of the ships you encounter in this mission and I was only in a Cruiser. I trusted that the game designers wouldn’t give me an impossible task and I set off to the mission site with high hopes.

After the fifth time I was forced to warp out and repair leaving Kritsan Parthus with a tiny sliver of red on his armor from 20 minutes of my efforts I really started to hate him! I was able to get through his shields OK, but he was running an armor tank (a huge one) and I wasn’t getting through it…

To make matters worse he hit really hard and was easily getting through my shield tank, I was only safe when 35Km+ away from him. I re-speced my ship for long range combat, I re-speced it again and again with only slightly better results each time. I fitted more and more powerful medium sized laser turrets (my charater is Amarr). Each time I was defeated, I was paying out hundreds of thousands in repair costs. The money I had made from the Epic Mission Arc thus far quickly dwindled away…

I searched the internet for help, but the only two pieces of advice I could find were:
1. Get an experienced player to kill him for you
2. Wait until your skills are higher and then return to these missions some time in the future.

This was a mission you are sent on right after completing the tutorial missions, it must be something a noob can complete on their own… right?

On two occasions I considered giving up, but I kept coming back for one more try. Eventually I hit a build (see attached image) which actually made a dent in his armor whilst enabling me to stay out of range of his stinging attacks. Finally I was doing more damage than he could repair and I almost got him, but at the last moment had to retreat when I ran out of capacity.

I repaired and quickly came back feeling more confident that he wasn’t invincible after all. I waited until my capacitor was full before attacking him and after a long struggle I emerged victorious!

It was a tremendous relief to have overcome the odds. To me it really was an epic battle that not only had taken its toll on my bank account, but I was exhausted IRL. After handing in the mission to the agent (not within the bonus time limit of course) I decided to take a break and continue the rest of the missions the next day.

There were only a couple of missions left and I was sure they would be easy ones just to round off the story. There couldnt be anymore missions of this difficuty, could there?


  1. what distance did you keep him at?

  2. I got him on second try with a frig. Basically I equipped short range (1700m) hybrid cannons. As soon as I dropped from warp, I released my drones and had them attack so I don't get aggro. Then I afterburner-ed up close and personal to 1000m orbit. Somehow when I'm this close he kept missing and his cap drain stopped on me. Then it's just orbiting at 1000m while slowly killing him. I wonder if this will work on Dagan...